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'God bless you Ted. You're reading my Blog!'

Your Words are Power, Choose them Carefully


Face the Mountain

We all stand before Mountains in our life. Nowhere in the manual does it say things will always be easy. It's under the trials and tests we learn the most. A pearl is formed out of irritation. Diamond's are found deep in the earth with large investment and often loss of life. Caterpillars must endure a season of darkness in order to metamorph into a Butterfly. Gold is refined in the hottest fire. We humans require to go through the fire of life to be refined before we can be put on display for all to marvel over.

Kingdom Collaborations wants to spread a message of hope, compassion and a disruption to the selfish way of life. We understand that there are some mountains and fires we can avoid if we are willing to see beyond ourselves. We believe that a single action can make a difference in a person and flows to the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. By breaking the mould, digging and locating the deep gems and bringing reconciliation, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater purpose we are all apart of.


A wise friend from the corporate life once said "a HELLO doesn't cost a thing". I like to add to that a hello and a smile doesn't cost a thing.

Suicide letters around the world often contain the heartbreaking phrase"...if someone just smiled at me today I would not of taken my life..."


We live in a world that often carelessly speaks about the word LOVE. It throws it around like a Mcdonald's paper napkin.

'we need more love' 'its all about LOVE' 'all you need is LOVE' 'LOVE wins' ' LOVE is the only rule'

To quote Haddaway "What is LOVE?"

Our current world has forgotten that LOVE actually looks like something.

LOVE is best acted out. It's thinking of others higher than yourself.

True LOVE is selfless and expects nothing in return. Most smiles don't get returned but they still hit the mark.

Wisdom says there is no greater LOVE than laying down your life for a friend. If wisdom calls on you how will you respond?


Never underestimate how one action can take down the mountain.

The mountain confronts and blocks your path. When you focus on others you actually begin to climb your own mountain. Each step you climb reduces the challenge. Growth brings forth the greater tools and strategies till we reach a place where we can walk straight through the mountain.

So today on your way smile at those you pass and say hello - you may just help someone defeat or tackle their own mountain whilst climbing your own.

NIKE 3:16

- DT

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