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           KEY SPIRIT                   KEY PEOPLE                   KEY ANGEL


Director of Helps & Event Planning

Ruach emanates colour! He draws on his vast wisdom and experience in life in all that he does. The true definition of a helper, he lives to guide those that seek him out. His methodology can appear unorthodox at times however his track records and results prove he is the strongest member of this team. Ruach loves a joke, to laugh, planning surprise meetings and is all about creativity.

He has a complete handle of Time but prefers to be  Outta Time. 




DT is on the frontline and faces the music. Although he drinks too much wine for most peoples liking his current preferred drink of choice is JW King George V. He doesn't waste time when there is a green light or a red light. Often he is utilised as the Final Grace Pawn before the point of no return. His enemies know what he is capable of even though his friends and family don't. He has an affinity for Ferraris' and a good meme. Consequently it's Hammer Time for DT but he prefers Bullet Time.



Director of Gifts

'Big Red' as he is colloquially known, does his best work from behind the scenes and is a little camera shy for anything but the rare selfie. Listening is one of his favourite past times and he acts promptly when given orders. Super Skilled in resource selection and purchasing, he has a knack for delivering timely appropriate gifts. He loves a spontaneous surprise as well as a planned out mission. Often nudging in the right direction, he is proficient in swordsmanship but prefers the pen.

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