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There are many ways to help, and we appreciate every effort. Shoot us a message. By lending support you’ll become a valuable piece of the puzzle. We are always on the lookout for different and new Collaboration opportunities. No level is too big or too small. We have experience in seeing a molehill become a mountain over time. We like a challenge!

One of our greatest and longest Collaborations is with the Reagan Milstein Foundation ('RMF') 

RMF supports us and we support them in a glorious Symbiosis of Smiles. Together we have made a Global Impact and without them our goal of getting English Premier League Football gear into Albania would have never been achieved in August of 2019. RMF launched us into clothing kids with smiles back in 2013 and we haven't looked back! Checkout the excellent work they do!

We don't mind taking your excess/old season goods or your surplus event tickets or your unused music instruments and sharing them with those in need. Putting the right resources into the right hands on time is something that puts a bigger smile on our dials.

For different reasons not all our Collaborations make the highlight reel! 

Some we prefer to keep close to our heart.




Show Your Support

Every year enough food is produced to feed the entire world. The main issue is around the allocation and distribution. Want to join our efforts to End World Hunger but not sure where to start?  Get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help.

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Have an Impact

If you have seen us around and like how we operate we can always use more assistance.

We always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards furthering the Kingdom. We want to provide you with the correct and appropriate information pertaining to your mode of support, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. We can't save the world on our own!

Come and join the Joyride! Doth Bringeth Bread and Fishes!

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